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Rich with natural


It's safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Hair doesn't get affected by swimming in a

pool or ocean and sports

suitable for all hair types


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Achieve Smooth, Straight Hair with Bio Sleek
The Ultimate Organic Solution

Welcome to the world of Bio Sleek, where you can transform your hair into a smooth, straight masterpiece with our revolutionary Smoothing Straightening Treatment. Say goodbye to frizz, unruly curls, and endless styling struggles.

Bio Sleek offers a 100% washable, organic solution that delivers long-lasting results and is safe for all natural colored hair types levels 1-7, including African American hair.

Why Choose the Bio Sleek  Treatment?

Rich with natural ingredients

It's safe for kids,  pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Suitable for all hair types

Hair doesn't get affected by swimming in a pool or ocean and sports.

Hair can be colored after treatment

Long-lasting results

No smell and smoke

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  • What does NANO LAMINATION do?
    • Protects against washout and prevents discoloration. • Repels moisture, maintains form and provides frizz control. • Adds volume and thickness, increasing hair volume by at least 10%. • Fixes the form and makes the hair elastic. • Aligns the surface of the hair, eliminating all the roughness. • Supplies the hair with a rich protein, thereby making the hair more flexible and better protected from damage.
  • What causes frizz?
    Healthy hair contains proteins (including keratin), water and lipids that work to moisturize and keep strands strong and smooth. With age and damage due to sun and environmental exposure, the hair loses some of these vital components, making it drier and more porous. To compensate, the hair absorbs excess moisture from the air (especially in high-humidity environments), causing the cuticle to swell and thus, producing frizz. Nano Lamination products and services replenish protain to help seal the cuticle and prevent humidity from entering the hair.
  • Does Nano Lamination test on animals?
    Nano Lamination does not conduct animal testing and does not test its product formulations on animals.

FAQ Bio Sleek Treatment

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