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Express Smoothing Treatment for up to Two Months 

For thin, Brittle, and Frizzy hair

Ste- by -Step

Step 1:

Wash hair with Nano Lamination Clarifying Shampoo. Wash twice. Do not use conditioner.


Step 2:

Drying – Towel dry hair.


Step 3:

Divide and clip the hair into 4 sections. Use gloves during the application. Shake well before use. Apply directly onto ONE SECTION 2-3 PUMPS 1/2” from the root and comb hair thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb. Massage into hair. (IF THE SECTION IS VERY THICK DIVIDE IT INTO 2 SECTIONS) Repeat until the entire head is complete. Ensure that the solution is evenly distributed and that the whole head is saturated with the treatment. THIS WHOLE STEP SHOULD TAKE 5 TO 7 MIN


Step 4:

Leave the treatment for 20-30 minutes in the dryer(DON'T USE PLASTIC CAP). Make sure the hair is 80%-99% dry. Depending on the type of hair, curly hair is 80%. Before you start blow-drying the hair, if you don’t have a dryer you can sit for 30 minutes with the treatment and then you can dry with a blow dryer.


Step 5:

Section hair. Follow by blow-drying the hair to get hair as smooth as possible. Make sure the hair is 100% dry. Followed by flat ironing the hair in small sections. Repeat the same section 4-6 times until the hair is silky

Set flat iron at 370-410F* (185-210C)

*Flat Ironing Instructions medium to fine hair temperature range: 370-400 F (185-204 C). The number of passes: 4 - 7 times from base to ends on:

*Hair that is coarse, virgin, and resistant to temperature range :

400 - 450 F (204 - 232 C)

the number of passes: 7 -10 times from base to end.

Aftercare: Wash after 24 h or same day. Clients should use Nano Lamination products for long-lasting results.

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